our philosophy

Practical teaching

we believe that practical experience and personal experimentation convey much more

Educational competitions

the fairly competition leads the students to give the best of their selves while having fun

Amusement-motory activities

leads to the acquisition of social skills and to the improvement of the emotional state

Montessori education

we foster rigorous, self-motivated growth for children in all areas of their development, with a goal of nurturing each child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding and respect

Italian International School

About us

The Italian School of Jeddah was founded in 1966 as a request of the many Italian families residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The School is subsidized by the Italian community, Italian enterprises, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs becoming fully operational as a private non-profit institution, thanks to an agreement with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education.

Over time, the Italian demand was reduced, However, the request of foreign students increased. The school is currently updating its programs in order to make it accessible to the new requirements. In 1995, an experimental program took place targeting kindergarten, primary school and the first grade of secondary school programs.

The following year targeted the remaining secondary school programs.



Silvia Manente

Our beautiful school! This is the school we chose for our little child Lorenzo. It is small but the people here are really professional, and my little feels happy, this is the most important thing.

Rania Aboush

Cozy school, friendly environment and supportive teachers, I just love the way it is, hope everything get back on track again so our kids will be able to join their colleagues again.

Fadi Al Thahabi

The Italian School is the best school that my son has experienced, good teaching, nice environment and great teachers and staff.

Mohamed Hassanein

Italian School was the best decision I ever made for my girls, a school with an amazing environment and great teachers and management staff.

Nadim Istambuli

Healthy and educative atmosphere. Lovely classes and facilities. Great teachers and staff.

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