About us

History & Accreditations

The Italian School of Jeddah was founded in 1966 as a request of the many Italian families residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at that time.

The School was subsidized by the Italian community, Italian enterprises, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs becoming fully operational as a private non-profit institution, thanks to the agreement with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education.

Over time, the Italian demand reduced, while the request of foreign students increased. In 1995 the School started experimenting a bilingual program targeting kindergarten, primary school, and the first grade of secondary school. This experiment revealed positive results allowing the school to continue to operate as a bilingual school, unique in its area, suitable to accommodate students from different cultures.

With the DI 267/3631 of 19/04/2004, the school acquired the recognition and certificates of study issued by the Italian State which are equivalent to those issued to Italian public schools. The school operates autonomously within a framework which encourages the freedom of teaching provided for by the Italian Constitution.

A Board of Administrators, consisting of representatives of parent’s Italian national students and a representative of the Italian Consulate, guide the School.

The Italian Consul General performs the duties that the Italian law assigns to the Provincial Director of Education.

Since 1981 it is located on its present location on the Corniche Road. The building can host up to 200 students and it is equipped with a library & music room, a science laboratory, a computer lab, a gym, and it is surrounded by a large open space used for recreational activities.

Our Philosophy

The School aims to spread the Italian culture and to give young students an education relevant to the standards, programs, and directives of the Italian Ministry of Education. As part of its bilingualism, the School provides the students with an education that combines the formative aspects of the neo-Latin culture with the pragmatic-experimental methodology of the Anglo-American system.

Inspired by ‘article 3 of the Constitution, the School’s philosophy embraces the concept of equality without discrimination based on sex, race, ethnicity, language, religion, social conditions, and personal opinions.

In reference to that, the School promotes the values ​​of hospitality and education leading to INTERCULTURALITY, creating an atmosphere full of cognitive, relational, and emotional stimulus’s in support of different cultures, knowledge, and the values ​​of various entities while staying committed to maintaining an impartial attitude towards all students.

The school pays special attention to the different learning styles and to the level of each student when beginning the program, in order to ensure the full educational experience, providing individualized educational strategies.

In defining the ‘educational approach’, the School emphasizes the importance of the teacher-student relationship to build the socio-affective and motivational foundations indispensable for learning.

The teacher follows the learning process of the students by guiding them to overcome their own mistakes and limitations so that they gain confidence in their own possibilities and they are stimulated to build their own knowledge independently.


To learn more about the cultural, educational and organizational choices that characterize our school and define its identity, we invite you to read our three-year plan of the educational offer for the academic years 2022-2025 by clicking on the link below:


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