The abacus, also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool that was in use in Europe, China and Russia, centuries before the adoption of the written Arabic numeral system.

80% of world’s people uses left side of the brain more and hence right side remains underutilized and under developed. The right brain has a ‘high-speed, more memory, imagination’. Our uniquely designed course work will train child’s left and right brain at the same time. When both brains are communicating and co-operating with each other, if facilitates whole brain development. This will result in:

  • Develop Mental Arithmetic, empowering memory and concentration.
  • Speed Calculating technique (using Vedic formula), increase self-confidence.
  • Improves logical and analytical thinking, kids’ absorption power, writing and listening skills, imaginary and visualization power, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Makes mathematics meaningful, useful, and fun, improves Calendar Memory, and more.