XXII Week of the Italian Language in the World. “The Italian and the Youth ”

13 OCTOBER 2022 Meeting-show with Davide Marranchelli.

The story “Battista and the witches of Como Lake ” tells the story of the Battista, inhabitant of a tiny village on Como Lake, who is to meet the terrible seven witches of Como Lake, and thanks to them to learn that outside his village and his cottage there are other ways of living and expressing themselves. It’s a very ancient story, passed down orally for hundreds of years, which in occasion of the Week of the Italian language in the world becomes a pretext for deepen with the children the theme of language, intended as a tool to know and communicate with other people. The Italian language has changed since Dante Alighieri because people have changed their way of life and their need to communicate. But how did it change? Social Networks already existed? The answer is yes, men and women have always needed a “social network”, of share with other stories and emotions: from the times when stories were told like this, in a barn heated by animals, to this day, where to speak are images and stories from all over the world.

There are many opportunities and many risks of communication such as today, made of few words and many “filters”, but one thing always remains the same: the need to be constantly transformed, just as our language does, to allow us to always be curious about others, and to go more and more in depth to tell our stories and our emotions without superficiality.